Wacom Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Large

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A few months ago I broke down and finally bought a Wacom Intuos tablet and I am begining to wonder how I ever managed without it, but I am not one of those people who have found that they no longer need their mouse. I chose the Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Large. Having never used one before I thought that since I hookup my laptop to an external monitor in dual screen mode that I would need the extra room on the pad. However in use it is just a bit too clumsy and cumbersome for what I needed it for. First it takes up a huge amount of desktop real estate. Real estate which I do not have especially given the fact that in order to properly use it it should be placed in front of the monitor and not off to the side. With my setup I have the external monitor behind and above the laptop which leaves no room at all for this monster pad.

I tried all different ways of configuring the workspace to accomodate it so that I did not have to move it around too much but nothing worked. I even thought ok it's a drawing pad why not put it in my lap and rest it against the desk. This was completely awkeward and unuseable and besides it's freakin heavy. So for me it is a matter of pushing my laptop aside and just use the large screen for Photoshop or Illustrator when I need to use the Intuos. Not the best situation but workable.

Useable   Not Practical

 Features of the Pro model:

  • 8 programable buttons
  • Wireless or USB
  • 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Gesture use on multi-touch surface
  • tilt recognition
  • two button battery-less pen
 Pen and Holder  Holder contains pen tips and tip changer tool

So what is it like? First let me say that I do like it but it has taken some time to get used to. The thing that stands out the most when it comes to getting used to it is the fact that its' positioning is absolute unlike a mouse which uses relative positioning. With a mouse, if you go too far to the edge of your mousepad you just pick it up and move it back to where you want it to be but the curser stays in the same place. Not so with the Wacom tablet. The active area of the pad takes on the entire area of your monitor or even both monitors together. When you pickup your pen up from the pad by even 3/4 " the curser still moves. So if the part of an image you want to edit with the pen is in the upper right hand corner of the monitor screen you will have to move your hand and pen to the upper right hand corner of the pad to accomplish the task. Actually I am still not used to this.

I have found the tablet to be most useful when making color corrections, removing unwanted marks from a photo, fine tuning a selection using a mask in Photoshop or just drawing in either Illustrator or Photoshop designing t-shirts for CamisetaModa. When drawing, having a pressure sensitive pen is indispensible. The Pen also has an eraser which is very convenient and makes going back to the tool bar completely unnecessary and the same is true for the programable buttons on the Pen and Tablet.

Now...could I get along without this incredible Intuos Tablet? Yes of course, I got along just fine without it for years but it now makes my work flow....just simply flow and that makes my life easier. Use it for things that it was now designed for and you could make your life more difficult but use it for the things that it was meant to do and you will find it indespensable...just don't get one too big or your arm will get tired moving from one end to the other.